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First and foremost I love me some monsters. Vampires, were-whatevers, a creature put together by human corpses, creatures from outer space, or even the creature from the Black Lagoon. I love them all. I always have, even as a small child sitting in her bed at night, afraid of the dark. I knew monsters wanted to get me. It was like an odd thrill, part fear and part does this thing really exist? I wish it did. I want to see it.

The best thing about these fake (?) monsters is we know how to defeat them. Vampires? Sunlight and/or stake to the heart. Were-creatures? Silver bullets does the trick. Aliens? Infect them with a virus. Zombies? Shoot them in the head or really any damage to the head/brain.

But there are other monsters. Devils? Easy. Defeat them with faith in whatever god opposes them. Demons? Mm, it depends. The question is, are we talking about real, imagined, or inner demons?

Real demons would be flesh and blood demons. If such exists, faith in whatever god of your choice should defeat said creature. Imagined or inner demons are a bit more complicated. First one would need to see a professional for these demons. Sometimes, just a change can help, like positive thinking, positive attitude, and change of behavior. Other times, one would definitely need to seek professional help for more intense inner demons. I’m talking about addiction. Gambling. Alcohol. Drugs.

For those facing those inner demons every single day, please get help. Everyone has a mother, father, brother, or sister who loves you and wants you to be healthy.

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Love fake monsters. Defeat real ones.


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