The Writing Life

Many people believe the writer sits in a coffee shop, tapping away on a laptop while sipping a grande double mocha without foam, triple milk, with mint. One ice-cube, a pinch of salt, and a four-leaf clover. (I don’t know if such a drink exists) Perhaps, some writers do work out of a coffee shop and maybe they order normal drinks.

All writers have a different method of madness. Yes, we’re all mad. Crazy. Insane. No doubt. That’s why we write, we have to get the crazy out somehow. If he spew it out of our mouths, we would all be thrown into the loony bin or some of us would commit heinous crimes and claim the voices in our heads told us to do it.

I usually sit in my living room, alone. Writing is a solo thing and I have my phone ready in case I need to research something. I have music blaring, most times. I listen to country and old-time rock-n-roll. And yes, I sing along. Loud and badly. (that’s why I have to be alone.  Wink wink)

Sadly for me and many others, I have that dreaded day job, so I have to watch my time. Some writers are able to write all day. I only get a couple of hours, so I have to stay focused and aware of which direction my insane thoughts are going.

The truth is I love to create. I love to watch the faces of the folks who have read my books as they tell me their favorite part. I wish I could write all day long,  one day I’ll be able to.

Goals. Set them and work everyday toward that goal, even if it is just a few words or five minutes of research, always go forward. Never stop.

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