The Day of Firsts

How exciting! Today is a day of firsts. It’s the first day back to work from a week-long vacation. (I could add a boo to that, but let’s stay positive) It’s a Monday, first day of the week. (Another boo) Most importantly, this is my first blog post.  Ever. Am I scared? Terrified.

But, let’s just go ahead and shake out the cobwebs and get this puppy going. Many, okay all of y’all have no idea of who I am, so a quick run down. I was born and raised in South Carolina. I currently live in Tennessee. Yes, I plan on moving back to my home state one day. (ASAP) I really miss the beach, but mostly I miss my friends.

I am happily married. We have a grown child. We have a German shepherd dog, who I’m sure you will read more about. We have a couple of birds, a parakeet my husband found at his (ex) job. Yes, found. She flew in and he caught her in one of those fake (for decoration only) bird cages. The other bird we have is a cockatiel. He’s quite a character, lying to everyone by saying, “Whoopie good boy.”

Okay, he is a good boy.

I write horror novels for adults and young adults. I have around ten novels available in e-book format at and paperback format with Just key in my full name, Josette Weiss, in either site and ta da! I’ll appear. Well, not me. My books. Imagine the horror if I were to materialize in your living room. ‘shudder’

I also make jewelry. As you can imagine from my horror novelist background, I tend to like skulls. So, needless to say, a lot of my jewelry is all about the skull. Most of my products are on my instagram and my Facebook page. You are welcome to check it all out.

I decided to call my blog, Truth Experiences, because I wanted to experience the truth. I want others to as well. And what is the truth? Freedom. Joy. Positive experiences. People I come across who add to life. So, it’s about life.

I will never blog about anything negative. Does negative stuff happen? Of course it does, but why wallow in misery? Just ‘let it go’ and live happy. I am a positive person and will promote positive vibes to everyone.

Thank you for taking the time to read my short first blog post. My plan is to post every other day, so let’s see how this goes. You are more than welcome to ask questions. I will answer you as quickly as I can.

Thanks again.





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